I discovered Catherine’s studio via a press advertisement and an editorial piece in a local English language magazine just by chance.  I had been searching for a singing coach or vocal coach that was close enough to my area (Dept 79-86).

One email and a phone call later, I had my first appointment.  I explained that I had no clue what I was doing, but I had been supplying base vocals for a local French band, and I wanted to know from a professional, if I was wasting my time or even if I should continue at all.

From my very first lesson I found Catherine completely honest and non judgemental and very easy to communicate with.  She is generous with her both her experience and knowledge. She immediately adapted to my real needs (which were mostly unknown to me at that time) and began coaching in a way that addressed by strengths and worked on my weaknesses as a vocalist.

Over the past 18 months I feel I have grown as a vocalist, not just by my own measure, but by the measures of others (members of the band I still sing with – both musicians and fellow vocalists).  None of which would have been possible without Catherines tuition.

Catherine's Testimonials