Having always enjoyed singing, albeit at various parties with family and friends, I’d never had the chance to take proper lessons.

Consequently I felt, now that I had the time I would like to take things a little more seriously.

Two years ago, after a conversation with Catherine, I decided to book my very first singing lesson.

My initial thoughts were that I might learn something from an odd lesson here and there. As it transpired those ‘odd lessons here and there’ quickly led to regular and eagerly awaited sessions with Catherine.

With her excellent singing qualifications and copious amounts of experience on stage, I discovered that she taught with endless patience, persistent encouragement and with a genuine interest in my progress.

Generously sharing all her experience and benefits of years of singing training she guided me to my first public performance within a year.

My singing lessons, personal practice and performing have now become a huge part of my life.

Catherine's Testimonials