About me

I am passionate about helping you discover your unique singing voice no matter what your experience to date. Just imagine having a voice that wows your audiences and more importantly gives you much more confidence and enjoyment when you sing.

My mission in life is to literally teach the world to sing. I know it’s a bit corny, but singing is such a spirit lifting and life enhancing activity. I believe everyone should try it at some point in their life. Did you know too that singing is so good for your health and well-being? – Just an added bonus!

See what my student Helen says about her first steps in taking singing sessions with me. By the way I should say she took a grade 6 exam with me and gained 96% - what a result!

I have been singing and performing since I was 8 years old and it is always thrilling to step out on that stage to sing and perform for audiences. I love the buzz it gives you as a performer.

In case you are wondering how and where I trained. I have BA hons degree in Performing Arts and a Masters FLCM with the London College of Music. Also years of acting and singing performances in just about every show type. My greatest passion is musical theatre.

If you love the thought of being able to sing well please do sign up here for a FREE personal vocal assessment.

"Having always enjoyed singing, albeit at various parties with family and friends, I’d never had the chance to take proper lessons.

Consequently I felt, now that I had the time I would like to take things a little more seriously.

Two years ago, after a conversation with Catherine, I decided to book my very first singing lesson.

My initial thoughts were that I might learn something from an odd lesson here and there. As it transpired those ‘odd lessons here and there’ quickly led to regular and eagerly awaited sessions with Catherine.

With her excellent singing qualifications and copious amounts of experience on stage, I discovered that she taught with endless patience, persistent encouragement and with a genuine interest in my progress.

Generously sharing all her experience and benefits of years of singing training she guided me to my first public performance within a year.

My singing lessons, personal practice and performing have now become a huge part of my life."


My vocal coaching practise is based near Poitiers in SW France I have a fully equipped musical studio plus a separate newly refurbished performance space.

If you have ever wondered whether you could sing there are various options. But the best way I know to help you is to work with a singing coach. That is the only way that I have improved along the way.

Nowadays there are two options to work on or off line. Both are equally successful for students. As a vocal coach I offer several options. 1:1 coaching packages on and off line but group coaching programmes are on offer from time to time too. I have free courses too but they are only offered to those who sign up to be on my e-mail list.

I would like you to meet Evie and her mother Claire. Evie signed up having been told by another theatre trainer that she would never be able to sing solo. Well it was so untrue, she took a grade 6 exam with me with the London College of music and gained 97%!! If what her original teacher said was true this would never have happened. Again, people who tell you you cannot sing are WRONG!

"My daughter Evie has been having singing and acting lessons with Catherine for almost a year now, and we just wish we had found her sooner! Her enthusiasm, professionalism and support is so important to us, as Evie wishes to make a career in the performing arts, and we are extremely grateful for the advice and help she gives us. Evie always comes away from her lessons feeling very happy, positive, and determined to succeed, especially in the exams that Catherine is organising in her own time. Catherine encourages and invests in her students, and more importantly, believes in them, which for a 15 year old girl, is invaluable. I cannot recommend her highly enough."


Whether 1:1 vocal coaching packages or on line group programmes they are all designed to give you confidence in your own performance, discover which songs you should choose and give you techniques to take your voice and performance to the next level.

Should you decide to take the next steps, this will be a game changer for you. Why? Because many of my students have discovered talents they never knew they had. If you are ready to sing, I mean really sing at least sign up here for a FREE personal vocal assessment.

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